POP Pilates

What if you can get a perfect body while dancing to your favorite tunes? Pop Pilates is what everyone was waiting for. It’s one of the next biggest exercise trends in all over the world and many fitness trendsetters and influencers are already crazy about it. Let’s leave all the hard and boring exercise behind and join the new wave!



Let’s find “new you” by TAKARA’s unique method of a Pop Pilates body making while enjoying exercise.



Training gears that make you feel good is a key to maintain your motivation. Takara believes that right gear for each training will enhance the performance level. Check out Takara’s favorite gears and some of her go-to POP PILATES styling.


Training video


In my YouTube channel, I’ll introduce beginner friendly training programs such a 5 minutes easy training, high-cardio training, and of course some of my favorite Pop Pilates moves. These videos are for someone 1. who wants to try Pop Pilates but not sure if it’s a right exercise for you 2. who want to prepare yourself before your first class.

Let’s go find “Takara” (meaning treasure in Japanese) with me, are you ready?

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Pop Pilates was born in Los Angeles, CA and becoming a mainstream of the total body workout.
Pop Pilates will change your perception of workout. Unlike traditional workout, Pop Pilates is all about having fun and bring out the best in you while exercising with your favorite songs.
Let’s explore a new version of “you” by Takara’s Pop Pilates!