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Born in Jan 16th, from Naha Okinawa.
Height: 162cm

Throughout her backpack traveling year, Takara found the beauty in exercising and connecting with people through her passion. Her passion for exercising taught her an important lesson of her life – despite the language and cultural barriers, you can meet, communicate, understand, and smile with people from all over the world through love of moving body.

The experience changed her life completely and after returning to Japan, she was determined to spread her passion for exercising to Japanese people whose relatively new to the fitness and exercise culture. Takara wanted to make it happen in her very unique way – Takara Pop Pilates. Since then, Takara started teaching Pop Pilates, Yoga, as well as cardio and core trainings in the metropolitan Tokyo area.

In 2019, Takara was chosen to be one of the main trainers for Women’s Health FIT NIGHT OUT 2019, which is a prestigious and well-known global fitness event and was the very first large scale fitness event for women in Japan. The event was only a verge of Japanese fitness major breakthrough as well as Takara’s challenge to spread her love and passion for exercising.

Takara also completed Naha Marathon and Nagoya Women’s Marathon (the world’s largest women’s only marathon) in 201x. In the future, she is eager to explore different types of exercise methods for various athletes such as runners. Her curiously is what keeps her going and pursuing her goal of making everyone smile through fitness.


2016 – Healthy & Beauty Food Advisor Qualification
2017 – International Yoga Alliance 200 Qualification, India
2019 – Pop Pilates Trainer Qualification

Qualifications and Licenses