Pop Pilates was born in Los Angeles, CA and becoming a mainstream of the total body workout.
Pop Pilates will change your perception of workout. Unlike traditional workout, Pop Pilates is all about having fun and bring out the best in you while exercising with your favorite songs.
Let’s explore a new version of “you” by Takara’s Pop Pilates!


One of the benefits of Pop Pilates is that it’s a great for beginner and those who’s been out of workout routine. Guarantee, you will enjoy working out from the day 1! No Pilates experience or flexibility required. Pop Pilates moves are pretty easy and simple, and at the same time, you’ll immediately feel your core muscle burning right to it.
It’s also a perfect way to get away from your busy life and make “me time” to pamper yourself, not only your body but also to your mind.


Let your body be free and move like nobody’s watching! The key to free yourself is, of course a good music. Takara focuses on the relationship between flow of body and music and selects perfectly rhythmic and ideal tunes for aerobic exercise.


Originated from the fitness mecca of West Coast, thousands of Pop Pilatesers around the world enjoy exercising while having fun! Let’s be a part of the wave!